• Lewis Chodosh, University of Pennsylvania


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  • Better prediction of cancer survival

    E2F4 transcription factor activity in tumors can be used to predict the survival outcomes of breast cancer patients, providing a prognostic molecular signature with potential for use across many clinical contexts.

    Breast Cancer Research 2014, 16:486
  • Addressing key gaps in risk and prevention

    Howell and colleagues from the BCC risk-and-prevention panel report on how adding new, but available, information to current risk models could ultimately better predict a woman’s individual breast cancer risk.

    Breast Cancer Research 2014, 16:446
  • Mammographic images can distinguish BRCA1/2 status

    Digitized mammographic images contain computer-extractable information of the parenchymal pattern not captured during routine radiologic interpretation, which have the potential to distinguish between BRCA1/2 mutation carriers and non-carriers.

    Breast Cancer Research 2014, 16:424
  • Physical activity and cellular aging in breast cancer survivors

    A self-reported lack of physical activity was associated with shortened telomere length in early stage breast cancer survivors, suggesting a mechanism by which exercise can reduce cellular aging.

    Breast Cancer Research 2014, 16:413
  • Dual HER2 targeted treatments: preclinical and clinical data

    Chang, Perez, and colleagues, review recent data on different combinations of anti-human epidermal growth factor receptor (HER2) treatments, as part of the ‘recent advances in breast cancer treatment’ special series.

    Breast Cancer Research 2014, 16:419
  • Exploiting the reversibility of epigenetic mutations

    Rots and colleagues describe aberrant DNA methylation and histone modifications as two important classes of epigenetic mutations in breast cancer and review the preclinical and clinical epigenetic-based therapies currently being explored.

    Breast Cancer Research 2014, 16:412



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